#BuildBackBetter is a platform for everyone who wants us to come out of this crisis a stronger, fairer, greener country.

We are a broad and diverse coalition united by this collective ambition.  

Not everyone will agree on how we #BuildBackBetter. We welcome these differences: diversity is a source of strength and creativity. 

But we do believe that the idea of ‘building back better’  must be meaningful. 

That’s why we are calling for a new settlement that protects vital public services, repairs inequalities, creates secure and rewarding jobs, and prepares us for the climate and environmental emergency. 

We believe there should be a national conversation about how as a society we can achieve these aims.

And we believe everyone should be able to take part. So we have three broad objectives:

  • To create a space where people and organisations who want to #BuildBackBetter can congregate and publicise their activities
  • To create a range of ideas and thinking to help shape what building back better looks like
  • To create the pressure for change so building back better becomes a reality

Who's building back better?